Wednesday, October 24, 2018

GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge update

Quick note to express my delight and surprise that my entry for the 2018 GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge come in joint first! My entry was Ozymandias - a biodiversity knowledge graph which built upon data from sources such as ALA, AFD, BioStor, CrossRef, ORCID), Wikispecies, and BLR.

I'm still tweaking Ozymandias, for example adding data on GBIF specimens (and maybe sequences from GenBank and BOLD) so that I can explore questions such as what is the lag time between specimen collection and description of a species. The bigger question I'm interested in is the extent to which knowledge graphs (aka RDF) can be used to explore biodiversity data.

For details on the other entries visit the list of winners at GBIF. The other first place winners Lien Reyserhove, Damiano Oldoni and Peter Desmet have generously donated half their prize to NumFOCUS which supports open source data science software:

This is a great way of acknowledging the debt many of us owe to developers of open source software that underpins the work of many researchers.

I hope GBIF and the wiser GBIF community found this year's Challenge to be worthwhile, I'm a big fan of anything which increases GBIF's engagement with developers and data analysts, and if the challenge runs again next year I encourage anyone with an interest in biodiversity informatics to consider taking part.