Friday, July 31, 2015

Towards a new BioStor

One of my pet projects is BioStor, which has been running since 2009 (gulp). BioStor extracts articles from the Biodiversity Heritage Library (details here:, and currently has over 110,000 articles, all open access. The site itself is showing its age, both in terms of performance and design, so I've wanted to update it for a while now. I made a demo in 2012 of BioStor in the Cloud, but other stuff got in the way of finishing it, and the service that it ran on (Pagodabox) released a new version of their toolkit, so BioStor in the Cloud died.

At last I've found the time to tackle this again, motivated in part because I've had to move BioStor to a new server, and it's performance has been pretty poor. The next version of BioStor is currently sitting at (the images and map views are good ways to enter the site). It's still being populated, and there is code to tweak, but it's starting to look good enough to use. It has a cleaner article display, built in search (making things much more findable), support for citation styles using citeproc-js, and display of altmetrics (e.g., Another variation on the gymnure theme: description of a new species of Hylomys (Lipotyphla, Erinaceidae, Galericinae).

Once all the data has been moved across and I've cleaned up a few things I plan to make point to this new version.