Monday, June 03, 2013

BioNames and altmetrics

One consequence of having a database of literature with external identifiers such as DOIs is that we can plug into a bunch of external services to get additional information about a reference. For example, altmetric can take a DOI and display some article level metrics. As an experiment I've added code for altmetric badges to the web page in BioNames that displays publications. For example, here is the ZooKeys paper "An extraordinary new family of spiders from caves in the Pacific Northwest (Araneae, Trogloraptoridae, new family)" in BioNames:


The "About" tab displays the altmetric badge with a bunch of metrics of engagement with this paper. If you click on the badge you get more details about what people have been saying about this paper.

It would be great to explore this across the complete set of taxonomic papers so that we could get a sense the degree of engagement people have with the latest taxonomic literature.