Monday, August 23, 2010

TreeView X now on Google Code

tv.pngTreeView X, the open source version of TreeView, has been slowly suffering bit rot as C++ compilers and operating systems change. Every so often I'd tweak the code to build on some Linux version or other, but this isn't something I've a lot of time for. Moreover, because of the hassle of rebuilding binaries and source tar balls the updated versions weren't uploaded to the TreeView X web site. Charles Plessy has been doing a nice job of keeping a Debian package working, but my own code wouldn't build on newer versions of Linux.

Today I managed to get my code to build on Fedora Core 13 using gcc 4.4.4 and the latest stable version of wxWidgets (2.8.11). The program runs OK, although there are some display glitches, and printing seems broken. However, my days of standalone application development are over, so I thought I should make the code accessible to anyone else who may find it of use. The code is now hosted on Google Code.