Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Following on from the previous post, as Howison and Goodrum note, Adobe provides XMP as a way to store metadata in files, such as PDFs. XMP supports RDF and namespaces, which means widely used bibliographic standards such as Dublin Core and PRISM can be embedded in a PDF, so the article doesn't become separated from its metadata. Adobe provides a developers kit under a BSD license.

The vision of managing digital papers being as easy as managing digital music is really compelling. Imagine auto populating bibliographic management software simply by adding the PDF! Note also that the Creative Commons supports XMP.


Pierre Lindenbaum said...

It seems that there is an API too. I'm going to put a "playing with XMP" on my 'todo list' :-)

Anonymous said...

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Roderic Page said...

Pierre has had a quick look for XMP metadata in scientific PDFs and found none.

Anonymous said...

Hey glad you guys are interested in XMP. I'd be interest to hear your feedback.

Anonymous said...

I was relieved to find that JabRef allows you to save XMP medadata into your local PDF library - refused t oshell out for Endnote licence, so don't know if it allows you to do this as well, but it's good to see competent Open Source reference mangers. Now just need find a way of making this data that I've embedded available.

Anonymous said...