Friday, May 18, 2007

TBMap paper out

My paper on mapping TreeBASE names to other databases is out as provisional PDF on the BMC Bioinformatics web site (doi:10.1186/1471-2105-8-158 -- not working yet).

The abstract:
TreeBASE is currently the only available large-scale database of published organismal phylogenies. Its utility is hampered by a lack of taxonomic consistency, both within the database, and with names of organisms in external genomic, specimen, and taxonomic databases. The extent to which the phylogenetic knowledge in TreeBASE becomes integrated with these other sources is limited by this lack of consistency.
Taxonomic names in TreeBASE were mapped onto names in the external taxonomic databases IPNI, ITIS, NCBI, and uBio, and graph G of these mappings was constructed. Additional edges representing taxonomic synonymies were added to G, then all components of G were extracted. These components correspond to "name clusters", and group together names in TreeBASE that are inferred to refer to the same taxon. The mapping to NCBI enables hierarchical queries to be performed, which can improve TreeBASE information retrieval by an order of magnitude.
TBMap database provides a mapping of the bulk of the names in TreeBASE to names in external taxonomic databases, and a clustering of those mappings into sets of names that can be regarded as equivalent. This mapping enables queries and visualisations that cannot otherwise be constructed. A simple query interface to the mapping and names clusters is available at:

The TBMap web site needs some work, it's really only intended to document the mapping. Once I've tweaked and updated the mapping, I hope to use it in my forthcoming all-sining, all-dancing, phylogeny database...

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