Monday, August 05, 2013

GBIF and open biodiversity data: what license should GBIF use?

GBIF is asking for views on how it should license of data in the GBIF network. The full consultation document is available from Google Drive and DropBox. GBIF is:

...seeking input from all GBIF Participants and stakeholders on the following questions:
  1. Do you have any comments on the plan to associate all GBIF-mediated data with a machine readable licence?
  2. Do you have an opinion on the relative merits of Creative Commons, Open Data Commons or other licence types in the context of the GBIF network?
  3. Which of the two options described in section 8 of this document should GBIF pursue? If you support “Option 2”, would your position be modified if it resulted in a significant decrease in data published to the GBIF network?

The two options referred to above are:

Option 1 – Support restrictions on commercial use

Option 2 – Only support fully free-and-open data

If you have opinions on licensing biodiversity data, please read the consultation document and send your thoughts send to by 5 September 2013.