Wednesday, March 21, 2012

iEvoBio 2012 Challenge: Synthesizing phylogenies

0150The iEvoBio 2012 Challenge has been announced, and the topic is synthesizing phylogenies. The task:

Somewhere, buried in large sets of trees, lies a stunning new revelation, a baffling discovery, the answer to a longstanding controversy, or simply something not obvious to the naked eye. The mission of the 2012 iEvoBio challenge is to find those revelations, discoveries and answers within your own data and/or within one of the datasets provided by the challenge. What new scientifically interesting results can you pull from these trees, using any combination of techniques at your disposal?

The rules of this challenge are:
  1. The set of trees you use must have at least 10,000 leaves in total. Acceptable entries could be a set comprising 2,500 distinct trees covering the same four taxa, a single tree with 10,000+ leaves, or anything in between.
  2. Your results must be scientifically new.
  3. The data, or at least a description of the data, must be publicly available. If working with your own dataset, you must at least provide a summary of the data you used (see below for the minimum description that must be provided).
  4. The source code of any tool and/or method developed as part of your challenge submission must be publicly downloadable under an OSI-approved open-source license (or dedicated to the public domain) at the latest by the time of the conference.

For more details see the challenge site. Deadline for submission is June 25, 2012.