Monday, January 23, 2012

Open course on phyloinformatics

As part of a postgraduate course here at the University of Glasgow I'm teaching five sessions on "phyloinformatics", which I've decided to define broadly enough to encompass most of biodiversity informatics.

Given that this module is being developed on the fly, and will make use of lots of little "toys" I've developed and discussed on this blog, I've decided to put the course notes online, along with the interactive demos and the source code. So, if you want to follow along for the next couple of weeks, here are the links:

Each course page supports comments (see the bottom of the page), so feel free to add comments, or suggestions. The notes are at a crude stage, and will be developed over the duration of the course (2 weeks). I'm also endeavouring to get all the source code for the demonstration apps into GitHub. None of these demos is polished, but they will hopefully provide some ideas for taking them further. There will be iSpecies-like mashups, iPad webapps, classification visualisations, TreeBASE search tools, geophylogenies and other phylogeny viewers.