Thursday, June 17, 2010

NCBI to Wikipedia links are now live...

The 52,956 links from NCBI to Wikipedia that I've been busy creating are now "live." If you go to a NCBI taxon such as Sphaerius you'll see something like this:


Clicking the "Wikipedia" link takes you to the Wikipedia page for this taxon. You can see all the links to Wikipedia using the query loproviphylo[filter]. Here are some additional links to try:

9766 Balaenoptera

Thanks to Scott Federhen and Kathy Kwan at NCBI for all their assistance in getting this into NCBI Linkout.

Fixing errors
There will be errors and omissions. The best way to fix these is by using the iPhylo Linkout wiki. The page for a NCBI taxon is always where xxxx is the NCBI taxonomy id. You can edit/annotate the link there (click on the "edit with form" for a simple web form). I plan to regularly update the links based on this the wiki.

NCBI Linkout provide access statistics so it will be interesting to see how much traffic goes from NCBI to Wikipedia. It will also be interesting to see if this is correlated with increased editing of those Wikipedia pages.