Friday, May 21, 2010

Linked data part 2

Continuing the Friday folly theme, below is a screencast of a linked data browser that uses the same ideas as last week's screencast, but uses a custom browser I've written to display the results in a more user-friendly way.

Linking the data together from Roderic Page on Vimeo.

The demo is live, you can view it at Under the hood the browser uses bioGUID as the primary linked data provider (although it should consume any valid linked data source, for example Dbpedia). The data is stored in a local triple store (ARC), and the web interface is created by transforming SPARQL queries into HTML using XSLT. You can add data to it by editing the URL in the browser location bar and reloading the page, or entering a URL on the page. Linked data URLs be entered next to the Browse button as is, e.g., or appended to, e.g. http:// Other identifiers, such as DOIs, PubMed ids, and specimens need to be resolved via bioGUID, e.g.

All still very crude, but I hope you get the idea.