Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wikispecies RSS feed

Following on from my previous post about Wikispecies (which generated some discussion on TAXACOM) I've played some more with Wikispecies.

AS a first step I've added a Wikispecies RSS feed to my list of RSS feeds. This feed takes the original Wikispecies RSS feed for new pages (generated by the page Special:NewPages) and tries to extract some details before reformatting it as an ATOM feed. Specifically, I extract GUIDs such as IPNI and Index Fungorum identifiers, bibliographic references (which I will later parse to try and extract identifiers such as DOIs), and latitude and longitude if the Wikispecies page has type locality information. Having the later means that the RSS feed can be displayed as a map (Google Maps can take a RSS feed with geotagged items and display it on a map for you).

The map below is live, so it will show any geotagged items in the current Wikispecies feed.

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