Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Firefox Extension for Turning Built-in SVG on and off

A quick Google found this Firefox extension for turning built-in SVG on and off, posted on or maybe something uplifting.

Really useful little extension, because Firefox SVG support is actually pretty awful very good. (Just discovered that FireFox couldn't handle my original SVG, but if I put in the namespaces as attributes of the svg tag, everything worked fine. Must remember to engage brain before typing...).

The Adobe SVG plugin is much nicer (this is still true). This extension enables the user to switch between Firefox and Adobe. Pity there is nothing like this for Camino, a very nice Gecko-based browser for Mac OS X that I've gotten used to. Because it uses the same rendering engine as Firefox, Camino makes the same hash nice job of SVG (once the namespaces are included).

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