Wednesday, February 15, 2006

LSID Firefox extension update

I've updated my extension to resolve LSIDs in Firefox so that it works with version (the most recent version of Firefox). The extension is available from Mozdev. It may take a little while for the mirrors to update with the new version, so if you get a "404" when trying to download, you may need to come back later.

IBM's LSID project have their own Firefox extension LSID Launchpad for Firefox, which is a lot slicker than mine. It's in beta, but well worth a look.

In case you're wondering, these extensions enable you to browse LSIDs as if they were URLs. For example, with the extension installed, a LSID such as becomes clickable, and you can see the metadata associated with the LSID. For the technically minded, they add support for the lsidres protocol to Firefox.

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