Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Mendeley API Binary Battle - win $US 10,001

Now we'll bring the awesome. Mendeley have announced The Mendeley API Binary Battle, with a first prize of $US 10,0001, and some very high-profile judges (Juan Enriquez, Tim O'Reilly, James Powell, Werner Vogels, and John Wilbanks). Deadline for submission is August 31st 2011, with the results announced in October.

The criterion for judging are:
  1. How active is your application? We’ll look at your API key usage.

  2. How viral is the app? We’ll look at the number of sign ups on Mendeley and/or your application, and we’ll also have an eye on Twitter.

  3. Does the application increase collaboration and/or transparency? We’ll look at how much your application contributes to making science more open.

  4. How cool is your app? Does it make our jaws drop? Is it the most fun that you can have with your pants on? Is it making use of Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

  5. The Binary Battle is open to apps built previous to this announcement.

Start your engines...