Friday, May 14, 2010

Viewing a BioStor reference in Cooliris

cooliris.pngCooliris is a web browser plugin that can display a large number of images as a moving "infinite" wall. It's Friday, so for fun I added a media RSS feed to BioStor to make the BHL page scans available to Cooliris. The result is easier to show than describe, so take a peek at the video I made of A review of the Centrolenid frogs of Ecuador, with descriptions of new species (

Cooliris view of BioStor from Roderic Page on Vimeo.

Cooliris is a little flaky under Snow Leopard, but still works (the plug-in is cross platform). It is also available for the iPhone (and I'm assuming the iPad), which means you can get the experience on a mobile device.