Thursday, March 03, 2016

Cisco Pit Stop: Digitising the Natural History Museum’s collections

Last week (25-26 February) I was in London for CISCO Pit Stop event. Thursday evening was at the Natural History Museum where I gave a talk extolling the virtues of linking stuff together:

My slides are here:

Friday we assembled at the Digital Catapult Centre, which as Sandy Knapp notes, has some amazing views from it's 9th floor.

A group of experts (loosely defined, at least, if they include me in that category) and small businesses (with backgrounds in digitisation, text-mining, publishing, etc.) got together to try and come up with workable ideas where we could marry issues in digitisation and subsequent use of that data with tools and markets. A fascinating experience, although I'm not yet sure what the outcome will be. But it's always useful talking (and listening) to people with very different backgrounds and notions of what matters (and what is possible).