Saturday, September 22, 2012

Touching the tree of life

Prompted by a conversation with Vince Smith at the recent Online Taxonomy meeting at the Linnean Society in London I've been revisiting touch-based displays of large trees. There are a couple of really impressive examples of what can be done.

Perceptive Pixel

I've blogged about this before, but came across another video that better captures the excitement of touch-based navigation of a taxonomy. Perceptive Pixel's (recently acquired by Microsoft) Jeff Han demos browsing an animal classification. The underlying visualisation is fairly sttaightforward, but the speed and ease with which you can interact with it clearly makes it fun to use.


DeepTree comes from Life on Earth lab, and there's a paper coming out by @blockflorian and colleagues (I was reminded of this project by @treevisproject):

For technical details on the layout algorithm see Below is a video of it in use:

Both of these are really nice, but what I really want is to have this on my iPad…