Friday, March 06, 2009

Phylogenies in a wiki

I'm slowing trying to get phylogenies into the wiki that I'm playing with. Here's an early example, the TreeBASE tree T6002, from the study A Phylogenomic Study of Birds Reveals Their Evolutionary History. The tree is displayed using my tvwidget. Below are listed the OTUs in the tree in a crude table. The idea is that this table will contain a mapping between OTU labels and taxa. For example, one OTU is labelled "Diomedea nigripes". This links to the page for Diomedea nigripes, which provides some basic information on this name, including the statement that ITIS regards the correct name for this bird to be Phoebastria nigripes (Audubon, 1839). The table on the page showing the tree displays this information as well.

This is all terribly incomplete and crude, but it gives a sense of where this is going. The plan is to import in bulk the trees and the mappings (from, say, TBMap), as well as the names themselves, and associated literature (including the TreeBASE studies) and then the trees will be embedded in richer data about the taxa.

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