Friday, June 20, 2008

tvwidget released

I've put the first version of "tvwidget" into Google Code. This is a HTML-only widget to display large evolutionary trees (you can see how my thoughts on how to do this unfolded by following my earlier posts starting with Visualising very big trees, Part V). tvwidget itself is a C++ program that takes a tree and generates the image tiles and Javascript for the viewer. It's poorly documented, I'll deal with tis once I get some time.

You can see a live demo of tvwidget displaying Bininda-Emonds et al.'s mammal supertree published in Nature (doi:10.1038/nature05634). The tree is the first one in Supplementary Figure 1.


Donovan said...

Hello Roderic,

I much appreciate your tvwidget demo. It is similar in style to an offline application I am developing for comparing large trees (~10K nodes).

Is the Bininda-Emonds et al.'s mammal supertree data publicly available? It would be great to use this dataset to evaluate my application.


Rod Page said...

Donovan, the supplementary data is freely available online at Nature's site. For example, the tree is at

Mauro Cavalcanti said...

Bininda-Emonds et al. classical supertree of the Carnivora is also available from TreeBase.

Anonymous said...
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