Monday, April 28, 2008

Google Code wiki using Subversion

For some time now Google Code has been displaying the message:

The web interface for wiki content is currently READ-ONLY for maintenance.
You may still add comments, and members may add, edit, or delete wiki pages via svn. Learn more.

This is a bit of a pain as I've recently put the code for my LSID tester into Google Code (the project is here). Since having a simple wiki is part of the attraction of Google Code, I decided to finally figure out how to add a wiki via Subversion. Turns out it is pretty straight forward. I created a folder called "wiki" and added a file with some wiki markup. I then added it to the repository
svn import -m "Trying to add wiki"
--username USERNAME

(do this from the folder containing "wiki", not within the "wiki" folder itself). This adds the contents of the wiki folder to the Google Code repository. You can then check this out:
svn checkout
lsid-php-wiki --username USERNAME

This probably seems obvious to many, but I'm used to CVS, having run a CVS repository since the late 1990's when Mike Charleston and I were working on TreeMap. I've been resisting moving to Subversion simply because of the hassle of learning stuff that doesn't actually make my life any easier. That said, Google Code is a nice way to host projects.

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