Monday, May 28, 2007

Biodiversity Heritage Library blog - look but don't touch

Added the Biodiversity Heritage Library blog to my links on my blog, then noticed that BHL have disabled comments. So, we can view their progress, but can't leave comments. Sigh, I wonder whether BHL has quite grasped that one of the best uses of a blog is to interact with the people who leave comments, in other words, have a conversation. If nothing else, at least it gives you some idea of whether people are actually reading it.
That said, the stuff BHL are putting up on the Internet Archive looks cool. However, how do we find this stuff, and link to it (identifiers anyone?). Wouldn't the BHL blog be a great place to have this conversation...?

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Chris Freeland said...

Rod - BHL Comments have been turned back on - a good suggestion for improvement. We had disabled comments because all we had was spam, but your points are well taken. The BHL portal must have social interaction as a key component, so we will be rolling in tools that enable our community of users to talk with us and one another about the historic titles in our collection.